Wedding Planning 101: Start Dreaming!

Dreamy Engagement Session with Kate Merrill Photography

An engagement is such an exciting time. So many new beginnings, decisions to make, and dreams to chase. Before you start planning, you need to dream up your end game.

Starting at the end and working backwards is the best way to plan the perfect day. So are you ready to go out on a limb and do an exercise that may feel silly? Trust me, this works! It is the same way I start planning with my one-on-one clients. Now, I’m sharing my secret with you.

Sit down and get rid of all the distractions. Shut off your phone, it will just be a minute! Get comfortable and close your eyes.

Start to visualize your wedding day. Imagine everything is absolutely perfect. Look around what do you see? How does it feel? Now ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is in the room?
  • What does that room look like?
  • What are you experiencing throughout the day with your fiance?
  • As your last guests are leaving the reception, what are they saying to each other?
  • What did they get to experience with you and your fiance and your inner circle?

Now, open your eyes! Next, brainstorm three words or phrases that describe the perfect wedding you just visualized. Finish and write down this sentence, “This is what I want our wedding to be…”

I have found that oftentimes couples have the same idea of what a perfect day is even without discussing it first. (That always makes me happy; it means there is some good communication going on for that couple!)

These three words or feelings are where the magic begins. People are coming to your wedding to celebrate you two and your love. It’s not just something to do, but a unique experience. How will they experience your love story in a magical way?

A little visualization can go a long way, it helps you see the end of the journey and not get lost in the details. This exercise is the first step in making your wedding all you want it to be.

What three words describe your dream wedding?

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