Wedding Planning 101: Choosing a Wedding Date

Choosing the perfect date, location and venue for your wedding – and tying them all together, like this carnival-themed wedding, held in an airport hangar from Aribella Events, thanks to SYPhotography!

Choosing a wedding date is an important first step to planning your dream wedding. Not only is it the date you will celebrate for the rest of your marriage, but it is a huge part of building the wedding you visualized.

People don’t often think the date has anything to do with the visual parts of the wedding, like decor and location, but it is key to creating all that you wish. Have you visualized your big day?

Where is your ceremony? Is it in your neighborhood house of worship or at an exotic, outdoor location? How about the reception? A majestic castle or a quiet, sandy beach?

Wherever your heart is leading you for your magical day, that is where date planning begins. For your ideal spot to be your wedding landmark, it needs to be available and accessible.

A snowy afternoon is not ideal for an outdoor wedding, unless you’re ready with all the accoutrement needed to keep your guests comfortable. You need to know when your dream wedding location is open and available and let that drive your date.

Location is not the only thing to consider, though. There are also the calendars and lifestyles of close friends and family. Consulting with those must-have loved ones, is a must for a picture perfect day. Have a teacher in the wedding party? Probably want to shoot for spring break or summer vacation. Is your grandmother a snowbird? Make sure you know which state she will be in before picking a date.

There are also cultural and religious calendars to consult. If you have a special holiday or ritual that you would like to honor, know when those occur. Astrology or Numerology may play a factor for you as well (and word to the wise; those special dates tend to book quickly!)

Once, you have narrowed all of this down, remember that local events should also be considered, especially in metropolitan areas. Local festivals, sporting events, and large-scale celebrations could hamper your wedding day. Hotels get booked up, traffic grows, and venues that were wide open get crowded.

So sit down with your visualized plans, and all the necessary calendars and let them drive you to the perfect date for your amazing wedding.

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