The Trifecta of CCPlanning Your Wedding


Congratulations, your engaged! Dreaming about the perfect dress? Deliberating over colors and themes? Wondering where you will spend your honeymoon?

Before you do anything, you need to decide on this trifecta for perfect planning. Without these, nothing else is going to fall into place and you’ll be going in circles attempting to get your vision to come together.

Get your planning off on the right foot, close up the dreamy wedding magazines, and make these three monumental decisions now, before you do anything else! First when and where are you getting married? You need a date, a time, and a location before you can really decide anything else. A winter wedding will be different to plan than one in the middle of July. An early Saturday morning ceremony will be worlds away from a late Friday night one. And everything changes when you change a location.

So whether you are planning a local, distance, or destination wedding, decide on your date, time, and location for the ceremony and reception before picking anything else out.

Now that you have a location–down the block or on the other side of the world–narrow down your venue. First pick a venue for your ceremony. Do you want to say “I do” in your house of worship or on an exotic beach? Will you be walking down the aisle into your reception or taking a limo across town to your dream event?

When your ceremony is set, choose a venue for your reception that fits into your plan for date, time, and location. The venues are the largest decisions that will drive all the little choices to make this special day your own.

The last but absolutely crucial piece of the trifecta is your budget! This needs to be worked out so you can know where you stand before signing any contracts or purchasing any accessories. Weddings can get expensive quickly. Having a solid budget plan will keep you on track and let you enjoy the magical first day of your marriage without worry or regret.

Do you have your trifecta set up, yet?

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