The Three Types of Weddings


All weddings can be divided into three categories.  What do you think they are?

You probably expect me to present the shabby chic or the casual beach as options. In fact, the type of wedding has nothing to do with style. It is all about location, location, location.

Local weddings are just as they sound, local to your residence. These weddings are planned in familiar surroundings. They have the benefit of close contact with vendors and supplies. If you are planning a local wedding, you may already have a list of favorite vendors just from living in the area.

The second type of wedding is a distance wedding. Distance weddings can be just a little further away or across the country but are still, usually, in the continental United States. You might choose a distance wedding to get married in your hometown or your favorite vacation spot. Distance locations could still be easy to get to, but you can’t just walk down the block when you need to speak to a vendor. Even if you don’t live where you plan to wed, being familiar with the area or having someone local can make this a great option.

Then there are destination weddings. These could be anywhere in the world. Destination weddings take the entire wedding–couple, wedding party, and guests– on an adventure. Do you want to take your wedding to the destination of your dreams and plan a few days in paradise? Destination weddings offer more choices for venues and personalization. They also need more attention to planning.

Choosing your type of wedding can be the first step in serious planning. If you don’t know which one you want yet, take some time to once again visualize your dream day. Is it the type of event that could happen next door or does it really need to be on the other side of the world?

Where will you say I do? Why is that the perfect location for you and your love?

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