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Talking about the budget for your wedding can be a scary thing, but getting it out of the way early is very important.

Who is financially contributing to your wedding? Do the people contributing want a say in how things go? Is each part of the budget for something specific, or is it all a general budget?

The biggest thing to focus on when it comes to the budget is clear communication. You need to figure out who is funding the wedding and by how much. You will also need to find out if someone is expecting to pay for something specific. Traditionally, the bride’s and groom’s families pay for specific parts of the wedding. However, tradition isn’t something we see too often anymore; so this is something that needs to be discussed with everyone that is involved in the financing of your wedding.

Another big conversation that needs to be had involves the decision making for the wedding. Sometimes when a family member contributes to the budget, they want to play a part in the decision making process. Is this something you are going to be ok with? Or do you want to make all of the decisions? Again, communication is HUGE.

While it may be an uncomfortable conversation, talking about the expectations of decision making is strongly recommended. You don’t want to damage any relationships you have with your family (or future family) over something short term. These are the people you are going to spend the rest of your life around; hosting holiday get togethers, birthdays and more.

However the budget for your wedding comes together, everything needs to be talked about. These are all conversations that nobody likes to have, but they are all necessary. It’s time to start figuring out what your budget is, and how it’s going to be divided up between all of your wedding expenses.

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