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So you’re getting married....


Also: Oh. My. God. The overwhelm!

There’s certainly no shortage of information about wedding planning, which is kind of the problem. If you read even a few blogs or websites about planning, you’ll find so much conflicting advice and information. Not to mention the continually flowing advice…. from literally *everyone* around you who thinks they have the best ideas on how to make your wedding memorable/unique/affordable/elegant.

Yes – everyone has an opinion. But no one seems to be able to really show you HOW to get, or help you figure out, what YOU really want. You just can’t get that in a blog article. (Or in a conversation with your future mother-in-law.)

There’s SO much to do. SO much to plan. SO much to pay for.

You don’t know where to start and at this point, you’re not even having an ounce of fun with it. Listen – your wedding should be enjoyed in three phases: planning, experiencing and reminiscing. If you’re not enjoying the planning phase, you’re missing out big time.

Planning your wedding can be so much fun! It can be organized and manageable and exciting! We know you wanted to enjoy the process, and that you’re probably not loving it right now. But let’s get you back to the fun part.

You know the picture you had in your mind about how this would all feel? Your family being excited alongside you. Your wedding party girlfriends laughing together as you pick out dresses and jewelry and flowers. You and your fiancé having a blast putting all of this together.

Yeah, let's make it look like that again!

What Other Couples Say


Wedding Planning DIY really helped us get an understanding of what our priorities are and where to best allocate our resources. Moreover, I'm a business owner and, quite frankly, don't have a ton of extra time to spend obsessing over every single detail. Tonia's priceless knowledge and experience has allowed us to plan a kicka** event, without spending every waking minute on it. The time, money and frustration saved is well worth the extra investment of WeddingPlanningDIY, even if, like us, you also have a tight budget. 

Lauren & Cam


From my first call, I felt a sense of relief. I am someone who is always busy (like most of us!) and the thought of planning a wedding made me want to elope. I didn't even know I needed this - that's the amazing part. We live far from all of our family and we want to have our wedding in a location that isn't convenient to transportation; they had super simple, easy solutions that put my mind at ease. Working with the WeddingPlanningDIY team has taken the majority of my stress away. SO thankful -worth every penny for peace of mind and having someone in your corner!

Courtney & Sarah


What I found most helpful, already at the very beginning, was the information about hotel blocks and everything about the guest list. Tonia is extremely knowledgeable in all the stages of wedding planning - from picking out a venue to transportation for the wedding party and guests. The program also eased my stress in streamlining and organizing the guest list so it made the seating chart SO much easier to do. Having all of this figured out, my stress level has decreased and I’m excited to move onto the next step in the wedding process. 

Sarah & Charles

Your wedding. YOUR Love Story.

With 55+ bite-sized video tutorials on these topics and dozens more, PLUS our private forum and #AMA (Ask Me Anything) calls with our planners each month AND guest expert calls from all areas of wedding planning, all of your wedding planning questions are just a click away from being answered!

Curious? Here's a sneak peek into just a few of the topics covered in WeddingPlanningDIY....

The People

You've got THE ONE - now what about the rest of the people that will make up your wedding day?! From narrowing down your guest list to vetting your vendors to create the perfect Dream Team of wedding professionals, we'll help you navigate all of THE PEOPLE involved with your Big Day. 

And getting all of those people on the same page? We've got you covered. 

the places

Pop Quiz: When is one simple decision never simple, and rarely ever just ONE decision? 

A: When you're planning a wedding!

We'll give you all you need to know to help choose each of your venues, from rehearsal to after party, and everything in between. Who needs to be where when, how they'll get there, and things to plan for along the way!

the details

Every detail counts when planning your wedding; from the color palette to the stationery, each piece helps to create the ambience that will only ever exist for this moment. Finding and weaving those personal details of your own love story into the experience for your guests not only creates a unique experience for all of you, but it brings your world just a bit closer too. 

the food

From Appetizers to Zinfandel, some of the most anticipated moments around a wedding involve the countless decisions around food, drinks, and sweets! 

Welcome reception or cocktail hour, or both? How to navigate allergies and food sensitivities, still offer GREAT food, and keep track of everything your caterer needs to know? It's all part of the plan!

the moments

From the First Look to the First Dance, very little on a wedding day happens by accident. Know what you need to plan for, how to create a back-up plan for the back-up plan, and leave enough room for the magic moments to unfold. 

And that's just the beginning....

What you'll walk away with:

·      Confidence of knowing you have a plan (and probably a back-up plan too!)

·      Knowing what to delegate and how to enlist the help of those in your inner circle

·      A timeline that is manageable for everyone

·      Knowledge of what to do, when to do it, and how to do, all to create YOUR dream wedding, not someone else's

·      Step-by-step how-to, from choosing the perfect venue to hiring the right professionals, trimming the budget, managing the guest list, and infusing your wedding with your personality 

·      An enjoyable wedding planning experience!

Here’s the thing: Wedding Planning DIY is kind of a dream program for just about anyone who’s planning a wedding. Whether you feel like you’re not creative enough, disorganized, overwhelmed by decisions, or don’t even know what you want – this program can help you! Ready to bring in the pros to create your Dream Team? Perfect; we can help you find the just-right fit and hit the ground running, armed with #allthethings you’ll need to work together. Whether you’re doing this solo, as real life #squadgoals, or with a team of professionals, the whole point of Wedding Planning DIY is to create a plan that makes sense for your timeline, your priorities, your level of support…for your wedding!

Are you ready to make your dream wedding a reality?

Your Wedding. Your Plan.

Wedding Planning DIY is a self-paced customizable program to create the roadmap to your perfect wedding…

without the overwhelm.

Take advantage of our "Wedding Planning in the Time of COVID19" pricing and get access to the full program, inlcuding 55+ bite-sized video tutorials, online planning tools, and PDF workbook!

Get in, get the info you need, and get on with your wedding planning.



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