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There’s certainly no shortage of information about wedding planning, which is kind of the problem. If you read even a few blogs or websites about planning, you’ll find so much conflicting advice and information. Not to mention the continually flowing advice…. from literally *everyone* around you who thinks they have the best ideas on how to make your wedding memorable/unique/affordable/elegant.
Yes – everyone has an opinion. But no one seems to be able to really show you or help you do what YOU really want. You just can’t get that in a blog article. (Or in a conversation with your future mother-in-law.) There’s SO much to do. SO much to plan. SO much to pay for. You don’t know where to start and at this point, you’re not even having an ounce of fun with it. Listen – your wedding should be enjoyed in three phases: planning, experiencing and reminiscing. If you’re not enjoying the planning phase, you’re missing out big time.Planning your wedding can be so much fun! It can be organized and manageable and exciting! I know you wanted to enjoy the process, and I know you’re probably not loving it right now. But let’s get you back to the fun part.

You know the picture you had in your mind about how this would all feel? Your family being excited alongside you. Your wedding party girlfriends laughing together as you pick out dresses and jewelry and flowers. You and your fiancé having a blast putting all of this together.

Yeah – let’s make it look like that again!

Wedding Planning DIY is a self-paced customized program to create the roadmap to your perfect wedding…without the overwhelm.

This is about YOU and your love story. You deserve the wedding of your dreams, and I can help you get there without spending thousands over your budget or pulling every last hair out in the process.

With access to bite-sized video tutorials, customized checklists, sample timeline PDF’s, and cheat sheets to make every last bit easy peasy, WeddingPlanningDIY.com is pretty much the answer to all of your wedding questions…all tied up with a pretty bow, in one place! And at a tiny fraction of the price of hiring an actual all out wedding planner, this just might be the best investment you make for your wedding.

Your 3-month renewable subscription to the
Wedding Planning DIY program is just $300.

I’m ready to enjoy planning my wedding!  

The Wedding Planning DIY program isn’t just another collection of blog posts or another series of thinly veiled advertisements. Listen, I get it – the wedding industry is massive. And you can never be sure what advice is well-intentioned and which is just trying to get you to buy something WAY out of your price range.

Wedding Planning DIY is designed to get you the most customized roadmap you can get, at a fraction of the cost of an elite planning outfit. Can you continue combing the entire Internet for the best hacks, tips, and hints? Sure. But do you really have another 100+ hours to frustrate yourself that way? My guess is no.

The good news here is that to DIY your wedding doesn’t mean you have to be lost in the “world of weddings.” You can be a highly informed Wedding DIY’er, with access to some powerful tips that will make a huge impact on your bottom line and your timeline!
The other option is to hire a wedding planner. That might be a dream plan, or you may have no interest in handing all the planning over to someone else. Either way, an expert planner costs upwards of $15,000 for the complete package of planning your wedding weekend, designing the guest experience and day-of execution of your event.

Investing in Wedding Planning DIY to the tune of $300 for a 3-month renewable subscription sure is a bargain when you look at that estimate, am I right?

Here’s the thing: Wedding Planning DIY is kind of a dream program for just about anyone who’s planning a wedding. Whether you feel like you’re not creative enough, disorganized, overwhelmed by decisions, or don’t even know what you want – this program can help you! The whole point of Wedding Planning DIY is to create the planning roadmap that makes sense for your timeline, your priorities, your level of support…your wedding!

Are you ready to make your dream wedding a reality?

Yes! Let’s do it!  

After over 3 years of being engaged, my fiance and I have finally started planning our wedding. While we want to put on a great time for our guests, we do have some financial constraints. Rather than spending a large amount of money on this one day, we’ve set a low budget and instead decided to allocate our funds towards long-term goals like buying investment properties. Wedding Planning DIY really helped us get an understanding of what our priorities are and where to best allocate our resources.

Moreover, I’m a business owner and, quite frankly, don’t have a ton of extra time to spend obsessing over every single detail. Tonia’s priceless knowledge and experience has allowed us to plan a kicka** event, without spending every waking minute on it. We’re so looking forward to seeing all our hard work come together for the big day with family and friends.

If, like us, you’re looking to DIY your wedding, buy a subscription to WeddingPlanningDIY.com The time, money and frustration saved is well worth the extra investment (even if, like us, you also have a tight budget.)