This is all about you - and your wedding.

Your wedding should be one of your favorite chapters of the Love Story you're writing. We can help.

I’m ready to design my dream wedding

So you’re getting married.


Oh. My. God.
The overwhelm.

There’s certainly no shortage of information about wedding planning, which is kind of the problem. If you read even a few blogs or websites about planning, you’ll find so much conflicting advice and information. Not to mention the continually flowing advice…. from literally *everyone* around you who thinks they have the best ideas on how to make your wedding memorable/unique/affordable/elegant.
This is about YOU and your love story. You deserve the wedding of your dreams, and I can help you get there without spending thousands over your budget or pulling every last hair out in the process.

I’m ready to enjoy planning my wedding!

A customized wedding planning roadmap

Wedding Planning DIY is designed to provide you with the most customized roadmap you can get, at a fraction of the cost of an elite planning outfit. Can you continue combing the entire Internet for the best hacks, tips, and hints? Sure. But do you really have another 100+ hours to frustrate yourself that way? My guess is no.

The good news here is that to DIY your wedding doesn’t mean you have to be lost in the “world of weddings.” You can be a highly informed Wedding DIY’er, with access to some powerful tips that will make a huge impact on your bottom line and your timeline!

Yes! Help me DIY my wedding!

Where are you in the wedding planning process?

We chose our date but I have no idea what to do next!

I need a wedding planning roadmap!

I’m lost in a sea of bouquets and seating arrangements!

I need HELP!

Not every wedding needs a planner. But every wedding needs a plan

Here’s the thing: Wedding Planning DIY is kind of a dream program for just about anyone who’s planning a wedding. Whether you feel like you’re not creative enough, disorganized, overwhelmed by decisions, or don’t even know what you want – this program can help you! The whole point of Wedding Planning DIY is to create the planning roadmap that makes sense for your timeline, your priorities, your level of support…your wedding!

Are you ready to make your dream wedding a reality?

Yes! Let’s do it!

Your 3-month renewable subscription
to the Wedding Planning DIY program is just

I’m ready to enjoy planning my wedding!



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